User Object

Attribute Type Description Example
Attribute Type Description Example
id string Exchange-specific ID for the user. At least one of id or buyerid is recommended. "1"
buyerid string

Buyer-specific ID for the user as mapped by the exchange for the buyer.

At least one of buyerid or id is recommended.

yob integer Year of birth as a 4-digit integer. 1984
gender string Gender, where “M” = male, “F” = female, “O” = known to be other (i.e., omitted is unknown). "O"
keywords string Comma separated list of keywords, interests, or intent. "game"
object Location of the user’s home base defined by a Geo object. This is not necessarily their current location.
object array Additional user data. Each Data object represents a different data source.
ext object array Placeholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB. {"consent" : "1"}