Applovin MAX

This page gives you step-by-step instructions for how you set BidMachine live as an ad network on the MAX Mediation platform.

How to Create a BidMachine Account?

  1. Create a BidMachine Account at

  2. Upon registration, an activation email containing instructions will be sent to the email address you've provided. Please use the provided instructions to activate your account.

  3. To enable BidMachine Ad Inventory through the MAX Mediation platform, you must have an approved monetization account with BidMachine.

Enable BidMachine in Your MAX Account

  1. When you complete your BidMachine setup, log in to your MAX account and select MAX > Manage > Ad Units.

  2. Click the MAX ad unit placement on which you want to enable BidMachine.

  3. Type the BidMachine Source ID values associated with the MAX ad unit you selected.

  4. Click the Status bar to activate the network and click ✓ Save. This enables BidMachine in the participating networks list for this ad unit.

In order to get Source ID, please refer to this guide - How to get Source ID under BidMachine Dashboard.

Update Apps-ads.txt

  1. Go to Bidmachine Dashboard
  2. Go to app-ads.txt Tab
  3. Copy the list and append it to your website's apps-ads.txt file

How to Create an Applovin MAX Account?

  1. In case you don't have a MAX account, please, visit the official Applovin Documentation page to proceed.