Requirements for MRAID Ads

MRAID custom close button positioning requirements:
If you are using MRAID creatives with customClose button then you should place it considering that SDK display creative in fullscreen mode and some elements can be covered by system UI elements.

Wrong placing Correct placing

Image uploaded from iOS.png


You should adjust closeButton Y position from the top of the screen at least to 24px.

The host must always include a 50x50 density independent pixel close event region

Impression tracking with MRAID creative:
Creative should contain a script that will trigger impression trackers in mraid.viewableChange event (if you want to track impressions inside the creative).

So when the creative is shown, SDK Renderer triggers that event and trackers are automatically triggered by your script.


<script type="application/javascript">
    // Wait for the SDK to become ready
    if (mraid.getState() === 'loading') {
        mraid.addEventListener('ready', onSdkReady);
    } else {
    function onSdkReady() {
    // Wait for the ad to become viewable for the first time
        if (mraid.isViewable()) {
        } else {
                function(viewable) {
                    if (viewable) {
                        mraid.removeEventListener('viewableChange', arguments.callee);
    function showMyAd() {



If you are using impression pixels in the creative, you should move them to (Bid object) or use them with mraid event viewableChange