Contextual data collected by BM SDK

User Contextual Data

request.user.ext.impdepthintThe count of impressions for a specific placement type in a given app session5
request.user.ext.sessiondurationlongThe total duration of time a user has spent so far in a specific app session expressed in seconds55
request.user.ext.lastbundlestringThe last app bundle the user saw on the previous impression in a given session per placement type"bundle"
request.user.ext.lastadomainstringThe last advertiser domain the user saw on the previous impression in a given session per placement type"domain"
request.user.ext.clickrateintThe percentage of clicks/impressions per user per placement type over a given number of impressions, where 5 represents a 5% CTRT
This only applies to Rewarded and Video placement types
request.user.ext.lastclickintAn integer value indicating if the user clicked on the last impression in a given session per placement type, where "1" = user clicked, "0" - user didn't click1
request.user.ext.completionrateinthe percentage of successful completions/impressions for a user per placement type for a given number of impressions, where 70 represents a 70% completion rate.70

Device Contextual Data

request.device.ext.inputlanguagelist[string]list of user languages["EU", "US"]
request.device.ext.diskspaceintfreeDiskSpaceBytes / (1024 * 1024)231022 MB
request.device.ext.totaldiskinttotalDiskSpaceBytes / (1024 * 1024)471482 MB
request.device.ext.chargingint (1/0)is the device charging1 - yes
0 - no
request.device.ext.headsetint (1/0)is the device headset connected1 - yes
0- no
request.device.ext.batterylevelfloatbattery level 1 - full charges
0.1 - 10 %
0 - empty
request.device.ext.batterysaverint (1/0)enabled battery saver or not1 - yes
0 - no
request.device.ext.darkmodeint (1/0)enabled dark mode or not1 - yes
0 - no
request.device.ext.airplaneint (1/0)enabled airplan mode or not1 - yes
0 - no
request.device.ext.devicenamestringUser given name of deviceiPhone 14 Pro
request.device.ext.timelongCurrent time ISO 1970 sec1680197719.5890589
request.device.ext.screenbrightdoubleCurrent scrin bright0...1
request.device.ext.jailbreakint (1/0)Is Jail broken1 - yes
0- no
request.device.ext.lastbootupdoubleBoot date with secodns accuracy ISO 19701676623341.589673
request.device.ext.accessstringAcessability [isShakeToUndoEnabled,isReduceMotionEnabled, isDarkerSystemColorsEnabled, isReduceTransparencyEnabled ][0,1,1,1]
request.device.ext.headsetnamestringName of headsetSpeaker
request.device.ext.totalmemlongTotal RAM in bytes34359738368 B
request.device.ext.attsinttrackingAuthorizationStatus0 - STKAdAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined
1 - STKAdAuthorizationStatusRestricted
2 - STKAdAuthorizationStatusDenied
3 - STKAdAuthorizationStatusAuthorized