Bid Object

Attribute Type Description Example
id string; required Bidder generated bid ID to assist with logging/tracking. "1fwdsg1gdsgwfdb"
impid string; required ID of the Imp object in the related bid request "23fsdfsdg-12312fds-44f4-12dfsfa-824f7221d116"
price float; required

Bid price expressed as CPM although the actual transaction is for a unit impression only.

Note that while the type indicates float, integer math is highly recommended when handling currencies (e.g., BigDecimal in Java).

adid string ID of a preloaded ad to be served if the bid wins. "1378ygfvn928ouyghf19oiuhg03r"
nurl string Win notice URL called by the exchange if the bid wins; optional means of serving ad markup. "${AUCTION_PRICE}&impid={AUCTION_IMP_ID}&auction=${AUCTION_ID}&bidid=${AUCTON_BID_ID}"
string Loss notice URL called by the exchange when a bid is known to have been lost. ${AUCTION_PRICE} macro is supported. "${AUCTION_PRICE}&reason=${AUCTION_LOSS}"
adm string Optional means of conveying ad markup in case the bid wins; supersedes the win notice if markup is included in both. "AD"
adomain string array, required

Advertiser domain for block list checking.

This can be an array of for the case of rotating creatives. Exchanges can mandate that only one domain is allowed.

bundle string

Bundle or package name of the app being advertised, if applicable;

intended to be a unique ID across exchanges.

android: ""

iOS: "8120398"

iurl string URL without cache-busting to an image that is representative of the content of the campaign for ad quality/safety checking. ""
cid string Campaign ID to assist with ad quality checking; the collection of creatives for which iurl should be representative. "12341"
crid string Creative ID to assist with ad quality checking. "231"
cat string array IAB content categories of the creative. ["IAB3-1"]
attr integer array Set of attributes describing the creative.  [1,2,13]
h integer Height of the creative in pixels. 480
w integer Width of the creative in pixels. 320
ext object Placeholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTB. BidMachine can receive only "imptrackers"here.
string Billing notice URL called by the exchange when a winning bid becomes billable (When impressions occures). "${AUCTION_PRICE}&impid={AUCTION_IMP_ID}&auction=${AUCTION_ID}&bidid=${AUCTON_BID_ID}"