Manual integration

Note: We strongly recommend using CocoaPods instead of manual integration for quick and convenient access to the latest changes in our SDK.

This documentation is created for manual integration of BidMachine version 2.7.0.

Follow these steps to add the BidMachine SDK to your project:

  1. Download the Necessary Frameworks:

  2. Add BidMachine SDKs:

    • Unzip all the downloaded frameworks and add each (static or dynamic) .xcframework to your project.
  3. Add Additional SDKs:

    • For successful manual integration of our SDK, you need to add the following system frameworks:
      1. AdSupport.framework
      2. CoreTelephony.framework
      3. MobileCoreServices.framework
      4. SystemConfiguration.framework
  4. Add Linker Flags:

    • Add the following linker flag to the build settings at:
      Target -> Build Settings -> Linking -> Other Linker Flags:
  5. If you use libraries as static than make OMSDK_Appodeal.xcframework embed&sign