OpenRTB Integration



Supported openRTB versions: 2.3 and 2.5

1. Supported Ad Types

  • Fullscreen banner (320x480; 480x320; 1024x768; 768x1024)
  • Small banner (320x50; 728x90)
  • Skippable video (320x480; 480x320; 1024x768; 768x1024)
  • Rewarded video (320x480; 480x320; 1024x768; 768x1024)



If you want to send rewarded video traffic, please add this object to your bid request:"": [16]

2. Endpoints

Endpoint (for US):
Endpoint (for nonUS countries):

3. Request HTTP method

Request HTTP method: POST

4. Request body

Request body: open RTB request (JSON format)



displaymanager field should always be the same. (highly recommended)

5. Billing schemes

We support two kinds of billing schemes:

  1. MRAID or VAST events
  2. bURL (you should trigger our bURL with substituted macro ${AUCTION_PRICE} at the moment creative is shown)