Bid Request Specification

Attribute Type Description Example
id optional, string Unique ID of the bid request, provided by the exchange. d5260eec-75d9-4f7d-86bc-22b01b4c779e
imp required, object array

Array of Imp objects representing the impressions offered.

Only and at least one Imp object is required.

app required, object

Details about the publisher’s app (i.e., non-browser applications).

Only applicable and recommended for apps.

device required, object Details about the user’s device to which the impression will be delivered.
user required, object Details about the human user of the device; the advertising audience.
test optional, integer; default 0 Indicator of test mode in which auctions are not billable, where 0 = live mode, 1 = test mode 0
at optional, integer; default 2 Auction type, where 1 = First Price, 2 = Second Price Plus. Appodeal currently supports only type 2 2
optional, string array, default ["USD"]

Array of allowed currencies for bids on this bid request using ISO-4217 alpha codes.

Recommended only if the exchange accepts multiple currencies. Default is USD.

bcat optional, string array Blocked advertiser categories using the IAB content categories. ["IAB2-1"]
badv optional, string array Block list of advertisers by their domains. ["blocked.domain"]
regs optional, object A Regs object that specifies any industry, legal, or governmental regulations in force for this request.