Attribute Type Description Example
ua optional, string Browser user agent string. "Mozilla\/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit\/602.3.12 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile\/14C89"
required, object Location of the device assumed to be the user’s current location defined by a Geo object.
dnt optional, integer Standard “Do Not Track” flag as set in the header by the browser, where 0 = tracking is unrestricted, 1 = do not track. 0
lmt optional, integer

“Limit Ad Tracking” signal commercially endorsed (e.g., iOS, Android),

where 0 = tracking is unrestricted, 1 = tracking must be limited per commercial guidelines.

ip optional, string IPv4 address closest to device.
ipv6 optional, string IP address closest to device as IPv6.
optional, integer The general type of device. 4
make optional, string Device make. "Apple"
model optional, string Device model. "iPhone"
os required ,string Device operating system. "iOS"
osv optional, string Device operating system version. "10.1.3"
hwv required, string Hardware version of the device. "5S"
h optional, integer Physical height of the screen in pixels. 568
w optional, integer Physical width of the screen in pixels. 320
ppi optional, integer Screen size as pixels per linear inch. 326
pxratio optional, float The ratio of physical pixels to device independent pixels. 2
optional, integer Support for JavaScript, where 0 = no, 1 = yes. 1
language optional, string Browser language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2. "en"
carrier optional, string

Carrier or ISP (e.g., “VERIZON”).

“WIFI” is often used in mobile to indicate high bandwidth (e.g., video friendly vs. cellular).

optional, integer Network connection type. 2
ifa optional, string ID sanctioned for advertiser use in the clear (i.e., not hashed). 382A78A3-7EA0-4D3B-9724-0231C07D0C5A