IronSource LevelPlay

This page gives you step-by-step instructions for how you set BidMachine live as an ad network on the IronSource Mediation platform.

How to Create a BidMachine Account?

  1. Create a BidMachine Account at

  2. Upon registration, an activation email containing instructions will be sent to the email address you've provided. Please use the provided instructions to activate your account.

  3. To enable BidMachine Ad Inventory through the IronSource Mediation platform, you must have an approved monetization account with BidMachine. Your account manager should provide you with the Source ID or use the guide, if you already have BidMachine Account - How to get Source ID under BidMachine Dashboard.

Enable BidMachine in IronSource SDK Networks Module

  1. When you complete your BidMachine setup, Once you have the credentials mention above, log in to your ironSource account and go to Monetize ➣ Setup ➣ SDK Networks.

  2. Select BidMachine from the table of Available Networks and click on the Activate button. Paste all credentials. Then click Save.

  3. Select BidMachine from the list of ad networks and click Setup.

  4. Activate the relevant ad units.

Add the BidMachine Adapter to Your Build

Unity LevelPlay supports both Gradle dependencies and manual download mechanisms.

To integrate the BidMachine SDK with Gradle, make sure the following Maven URL exists in your build.gradle script of your app module.

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""
    maven {
        url "" 

Then add the adapter’s Maven name to your build.gradle script of your app module:

dependencies {
    implementation "com.ironsource.adapters:bidmachineadapter:4.3.5"
    implementation "io.bidmachine:ads:2.4.2"

BidMachine Additional Settings

User-level COPPA

Unity LevelPlay lets publishers communicate BidMachine User-level COPPA settings directly to the BidMachine network. This feature is enabled using ironSource SDK 7.4.0+, BidMachine Android Adapter 4.3.0+.

Use the following syntax, to set BidMachine COPPA with the parameter True:

IronSource.setMetaData("BidMachine_COPPA", "true");

Use the following syntax, to set BidMachine COPPA with the parameter False:

IronSource.setMetaData("BidMachine_COPPA", "false");

Update Apps-ads.txt

  1. Go to Bidmachine Dashboard
  2. Go to app-ads.txt Tab
  3. Copy the list and append it to your website's apps-ads.txt file