Ad Ops - Google Ad Manager Bidding

Step 1. Installing plugin

Go to Chrome Webstore and download the Pubmonkey plugin.


Install the plugin and click on its icon in the top right corner.


Step 2. Logging in through Ad Manager and fetching orders and ad units

Log in with your Google Ad Manager account and provide your Network Code to the plugin.

13651365 10461046

Step 3. Creating BidMachine Line items

Click on the CREATE button to create line items for BidMachine. You will see a popup window that allows you to create new orders with line items. Select Bidmachine as Header Bidding Service and as Company


Type Order Name for the BidMachine line item. Select the Creative Type you want to create Line Items for. Then choose the appropriate option for the Child-directed ads section. Finally, you need to choose the App and Ad Unit where you want to create Line Items


Next step is selecting Granularity. Choose custom granularity and fill the Price Grid with your list of prices. You can find it in Bidmachine dashboard. Go to, find the source you are going to create Line Items for, then click on the VIEW button and you will get list of prices you need to enter into the plugin. Click on the CopyPaste icon (your prices will be copied to your clipboard)


Now go back to the plugin page and paste the copied values to the Price Grid text field


You are almost done! Now we just need to click on the Create in Google Ad Manager button. You will see a popup window with information about how much line items will be created. Select yes and let the plugin do its job. When everything is done, you should see this message:


Now you can start sending traffic!